What We Do: The Happiness Equation

 We Teach;

sportcheatsThe happiness equation  [CS=LE]  where CS is Current Situation & LE is Life Expectation.

If this equation is not correct we need to change CS or LE.

For that we use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


30-guyangryreallyHow to control emotions :

Fear, Anger, Depression, Frustration etc.  These negative emotions cloud your judgement and damage your health.


Turn these into Positives:

Courage, Happiness, Love of Life.Happy Girl


healthy life picAttract the Good Things into your life – At work, in Relationships, Family and Lifestyle.





money pic

Our Fees – are small by comparison;

$75 can get you: 1hr Massage (temporary relief)

Dinner for two. (over in an hour)

Ticket to a show (just a memory)


An EFT session learning skills and knowledge to last a lifetime.



We have special prices for Families and groups, and can even organise a Fundraiser.Fundraiser pic

You may know us from our guidance of several World Class Athletes, and think we only care about Sport.

But Sport is just a snapshot of Life.

Apply this to Work, Relationships, School or Lifestyle.  The applications are endless.

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We can help:

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