[New post] Not all Fatigue is Created Equal – glen.wilson39@gmail.com – Gmail

[New post] Not all Fatigue is Created Equal – glen.wilson39@gmail.com – Gmail.


Suddenly it’s One week.

Hell, where did the last four weeks go?

This time next week I’ll be in Adelaide for Beach competition next day.  Well, even tho’ I haven’t written anything up I have been watching the training schedule.  The rule is; go hard three weekends away from a major comp, so I have had a Saturday comp on the track in Brisbane running 60, 100 & 200m.  My times were 1/2 to 1 second off the times I ran 2 years ago for Nationals.  OK with four weeks of tapering to go.  Lesson learned?  Don’t cut short on the warm up.  I didn’t quite feel the ‘spark’ and only in the 200 did  I have good race practice.

Last Saturday was a Masters Beach carnival.  Due to dropping down in age groups I finished up in the 50/55 yrs sprints & flags.  Came 6th in the sprint, 3rd in flags (also got my shoulder crunched in flags).  The day was saved when our Relay came first against the younger age groups.  Further saved by recognising that I ran poorly in the sprint but brilliantly in the relay.  The difference?  Mental attitude.  I was fighting to gain ground in the sprint and felt ‘crappy’.  Being third runner for the relay with our team already in the lead was totally different.  An exhilarating challenge.

I will be faced with the same scenario in Adelaide, giving away possibly 8 yrs, so I must be prepared.  Fifteen minutes of EFT should do it.

Thanks Gary Freeman & Silvia Hartmann.  [EFT, The Sportsman’s secret weapon is safe with me]

So now I’m into day 4 of a 10 day countdown.  Fortunately my philosophy for training has always been to be at 80% fitness at all times, then bump it up to 100% in three weeks.  I’m basically following Charlie Francis‘ advice to harden up the muscles & nervous system in a 10 day period.  Track intensity comes down from 200’s to 30m’s, weights go from 3 rep max’s to explosive cleans, kettle bell swings go up to 80 and back to 50 and so on.

Also keeping fingers crossed.