Why Warm Up?

Your body is a very economical machine.  It gives the least possible effort to stay alive so imagine how rude you are when you suddenly ask it to exert into a full on sprint.  The body says “no way” and gets all flustered.  Muscle start working against each other and next you have torn or detached something of importance. Full stop.

So gently coach your body into activity.  A jog around the track will start the oxygen (fuel) flowing into the muscles and sinovial fluid (lubrication) flows into your joints.  Start moving your joints through a greater range of movement with some dynamic stretches or drills.  The drills will vary according to your sporting needs and can be either flexibility or skill centered, depending on your day’s program.

I will discuss drills and their importance to skill learning in a later blog.

Obviously the warm up, although a bit boring, is necessary for preventing injuries and obtaining a high skill level.

How then, in an emergency, can we get away with violent movement without suffering injury?  It all comes down to arousal and adrenalin.  Not a guarantee of being injury free, so don’t give yourself a fright and expect to get out of the warm up.


Anatomy of Sport

Another season almost gone and time to review.

There is not a lot of ‘blogging’ going on while I am immersed in training and coaching so it’s good to review

my blogs over the past three or so years.

Yes, there is some good and pertinent stuff from back then and I haven’t much to change except a little older and wiser.

I thought it might be a good thing to put out a seven article blurb on what ‘sport’ means to me both from a coach’s perspective and an athlete.

I continue to learn from others and hope to give some back.  Not all will agree with my findings but I stand by my ‘track record’ at State, National & International levels.

So, what’s coming up?  Anatomy of Sport. (My view).

1/ Thinking about it. [Mind, emotion, Goals]

2/ Warm up. [Homeostasis, pushing the envelope].

3/ Bio-mechanics. [Adaptation of movement skills]

4/ Energy systems. [Explosive or Endurance]

5/ Learning. [Patience & Understanding]

6/ Strategies. [Mind games with self]

7/ Execution. [On the playing surface]

First article will be just before my seventh Surf lifesaving ‘Aussies’.  Time to put it all under the microscope.