More from the (EFT) Family – Sports Injuries.

[another excerpt from our EFT Family]

A Girl and Her Cramps.


Melanie told the Practitioners of a time at Netball with Alicia…”when a woman came right up to me with anguish on her face, she said, “Do you have any aspirin or ibuprufen?  My daughter has such bad cramps  that she can’t walk.  they just came on suddenly.”  I smiled to myself that she was guided in my direction, and I told her  that I didn’t have any aspirin or ibuprofen, but I had something else we could use: I could tap her with my fingers.

She was ready to try anything, so I went to her 13yr old daughter and began to tap.  Within one round of tapping (less than 30seconds) the cramps had more than half disappeared.  Within the next 30seconds, the cramps went away completely.  Her parents’ faces showed total astonishment.  I was thrilled to have a replacement first aid kit in my fingertips”

[Always ask if it’s ok to tap on anyone else.  It’s good when you don’t have time to teach them the points]