The EFT Family (1) First Day

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Although this post refers to First day at school it can also be used for first day at anything.  New team, move from local to district sport or even new coach.


EFT at School.
First Day.
Caxton was raising all kinds of very anxious and worried questions of the “What if….?” variety regarding his first venture to school the next day. He was obviously very concerned and troubled. Melanie asked him to tap under his eye without further explanation. He did. The questions continued but were of the typical little boy type that can drive us to distraction, the kind that are powered by enthusiasm, interest and excitement. [From Practitioner: this is the type of subtle cognitive shift that we see repeatedly with these procedures. He seemed oblivious to the tapping he had done, but several weeks later when I was visiting again, he came up to me and…

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Tales from the EFT Family (2) Sport

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Stress and Heat on Performance

David was finding a common interest with parents who were also friends of the EFT Practitioner. Because he was a Doctor one mother confided:
We first used EFT with Adam (my son) when he was 8 during summer baseball. He often had a stomachache and general malaise before games but desperately wanted to play. During the games he often got overheated and nauseous. Once he threw up. We had attributed the nausea to his heat sensitivity but the more it happened, the more it looked like anxiety. We began to use EFT before games towards the end of the season, which greatly reduced the stomachache and nausea. The heat sensitivity seems to run in my family.
[Even though I am anxious about this game…….]
However, now that the other issues are taken care of, the heat sensitivity is more manageable.
When basketball season came along…

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Tales from the EFT Family (1)

Some time back I compiled a  short book on EFT experiences from an email list of Energy Practitioners.

Today I’ll introduce you to the “family” and add the stories one by one.

These are all taken from real life examples and can be applied to real life problems by yourself or through a Practitioner like myself.




Our Story…………

Our story follows a year in the life of the Craig family. It concerns father David, a Doctor at a Children’s Hospital, mother Melanie, who teaches at a primary school, Alicia aged 14 in secondary school, Bradley aged 10 and Caxton aged 6, about to enter primary school. David also helps with coaching the boys’ sports.

Learning to ‘Tap’.

As the family settled into a late afternoon lunch on a sunny January afternoon mother Melanie announced that she had spent the most interesting morning at the Youth Centre at a seminar on Youth Behaviour. The ‘presenter’ was a practitioner in a new field called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. Maybe it wasn’t really new ‘cause it was based on acupuncture, used by the Chinese for thousands of years, This method didn’t use needles (or drugs) but helped relieve stress and negative or ‘bad’ emotions. Therefore using it was mostly a quick and easy way to solve a lot of problems in every-day living.

The family wanted more to know how to do it (except for Bradley who thought he knew everything) than how it worked, so Melanie gave a quick demo. With the pads of her first two fingers she gently tapped several times on the following points:

First you think of a problem, something that irritates you perhaps, we’ll just start with some easy stuff ‘till you get used to it. “OK’ said Alicia, “I’m not looking forward to Netball training this afternoon. Will that do?”

Melanie asked Alicia to give her a number for the discomfort ranging from 1 – 10 with 10 being about as bad as it gets. Alicia thought it was about a 6. “Alright” said Melanie, “This is how it goes. First we have a set-up statement where we say……Even though I (put in your own words for the problem), I totally & sincerely accept myself. [ Alicia put in….am not looking forward to Netball training]
State that set-up three times whilst either gently rubbing the ‘sore spot’ or tapping on the little finger edge of the hand.
Then start a ‘round of tapping’ (with one or two words which represent the problem) as you tap each point.” [Alicia used…. Netball training]

After the first ‘round of tapping’ Alicia noted that her number dropped to 4, so Melanie instructed her to add the word ‘remaining’ in front of Netball training for the next ‘round’. This time the number dropped to 2 and on the next ‘round’ Alicia couldn’t find any negative thoughts about going to Netball training that afternoon. (In fact she never has had that problem since).

It didn’t take long for the rest of the family to try it out, starting with minor problems at first. Even Bradley used it, but wouldn’t admit it for a long time.

The ‘tapping points’ will be explained in my next blog, or, you can go to

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