Post Adelaide

So, here we are nearly three weeks back from Lifesaving World Championships

and I’ve had quite an interesting time of reflection.  Adelaide is a beautiful city

and we realy enjoyed our time there, but this is not a Travelogue.  On with the physical.

I had done a ‘countdown’ program three weeks out from the competition.  Mostly adding bodyweight

exercises to my normal training, plus stair jumps and kettlebell swings.

You may have read my philosophy of always being 80% ready through general training.  The extras brought

me up to 100% physically.  So much so that I have been ‘de-training’ for two weeks to get back to 80%.

I have been given a ‘coaching challenge’ by a young lady who emphatically wants to win a certain event in March 2014.

Such a long time frame, I hope she doesn’t get bored or burnt out.

Will keep you posted.